Caring for God's Creation

St Luke’s are committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment that God has entrusted to us as a church and as a community.

Fairtrade Fortnight 21st Feb - 6th March 2022

Wonder what to do with left-over food to make a tasty meal – why not check out the love food hate waste website

Jan 2022 theme –  re-use and re-cycling paper and cardboard – click here for green tips

Prayer from “Praying for the earth” “Grant us inspiration in waste reclamation and in re-use and recycling of resources.  Bless those who work in the recycling industry those who work in charity shops.  Help us to find new homes for unwanted items.”

A Collect for the Earth: Click here for this month’s prayer


Egg boxes/ egg trays

Christmas ornament tidy – keep glass and other delicate Christmas ornaments safe until next year by placing in egg boxes for storage

Seed tray – egg boxes make good seed trays, simply fill each individual compartment with the composting mixture and seed

Juice/milk cartons

Bird feeder – Cut an entrance hole into a juice/milk carton halfway down and remove the excess cardboard so that the birds can easily get inside.  Push a couple of twigs into the carton underneath the entrance which the birds can perch on.  Tread a length of twine or string through the top of the carton so that you can hang it from a tree, then fill to just below the level of the entrance with birdseed.

Desk tidy – Cut the juice/milk carton halfway down and cover with material or paper of your choice to create a bespoke pen tidy for your home office.


Weed suppressant layer newspaper around the base of your garden plants and soak with water.  Spread mulch over the top and this will create a barrier to weeds plus lock in moisture.

Wrapping wrap delicate items and ornaments in individual sheets of newspaper and store using crumpled newspaper to prevent damage.  Do not use newspapers to store silverware.

A Collect for the Earth:

All creation worships you O God, and we your people bless you for the beauty of the earth.  We thank you for making a good world in the beginning and for making it better by the Word made flesh, whose death and resurrection in the body reveal the promised re-creation of the universe.  May your kingdom come on earth and your will is done in heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

St Luke’s achieved an EcoChurch Silver Award in 2020 and the Eco group will be looking at ways in which we can go for gold this year.

As we start a new year, all churches are being encouraged by the Church of England to become net carbon zero by 2030. This will certainly be challenging, but perhaps we can all look at our own carbon footprint and see how we can reduce and offset the carbon we use in our everyday lives. For more information please click here

EcoChurch is a national environmental programme for churches managed by A Rocha UK. It builds on our existing environmental concerns & Christian perspectives and aims to encourage us as members of the church to CELEBRATE the gift of creation and CARE for it in appropriate practical and spiritual ways. 

Similar to other supermarkets Sainsbury’s is encouraging their customers to recycle various types of plastic bag.  The Crosby store now has a plastic bag/plastic wrapping recycling point.  This allows customers to recycle Polypropylene (PP) film found in several household plastic products (see list below of polypropylene and polyethylene plastic film accepted at this supermarket)