Eco Challenge for 2021 – 2020 brought about St Luke’s church obtaining the EcoChurch Silver Award, so how can we as a church and as individuals take the next steps to go for gold in 2021? Many churches across the country struggle with the ‘lifestyle’ module in the award scheme. In response to this, EcoChurch have teamed up with Creation Care The Creation Care scheme aims to encourage households to make changes to care for God’s earth. Wherever households are on their creation care journey, we want to provide ideas for your next steps, and recognise the progress you’ve made. So, over the next few months why don’t you have a go; you have nothing to lose! Below summarises how to get going.

The scheme covers 7 areas of household life:
• Worship and prayer
• Home
• Garden
• Travel
• Food
• Possessions
• Community and global engagement
You can enter the scheme by completing a questionnaire that covers each of these areas. This will tell you how well your household is doing at each of these aspects of caring for creation, and hopefully give you ideas of ways you can improve.

How the scheme works
1. Register yourself on the Households page – Start by entering your household name, email address, and then type in how many people there are in your household. Then link your questionnaire with our church by selecting St Luke’s Crosby Church – we cannot see your data, only notified if you have achieved a certificate.
2. Start to fill in the questionnaire – Pick an area and start working your way through that. You don’t need to complete the whole questionnaire. You can save your progress using the “Save” button
3. Keep track of your progress using the Overview page, which will update to show how you’re doing in each area.

Chester Diocese are sharing Eco reflections everyday during Lent on their Facebook Page. I hope you find the podcast below an inspiration.

Praying for the Earth

The following prayers for the environment are taken from " Praying for the Earth" by Rob Kelsey (vicar of Norham) and are for you to use in remembering the environment in your prayers of intercession.

Your prayers could include an address to God at the beginning:

“All creation worships you O God, and we your people bless you for the beauty of the earth…

Your prayers may end with the following:

” May your kingdom come on earth as your will is done in heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


Air pollution

“We give thanks for the air in which we live and move and have our being.  As the wind blows where it wills, grant all nations wisdom in dealing with cross-border pollution.  Help us to value the atmosphere as a life-giving resource., and to make amends when we pollute its purity, for the sake of all your creatures.”


International agreements on climate change

” We give thanks for the ways in which countries have come together to address the global crisis of climate heating.  We praise you for the efforts of individuals who have raised our awareness and changed hearts and minds.  May we, together create the political climate for effective action.”


Globalization and fair trade

“We pray for guidance in the global economy.  We give thanks for the diversity of foods and products available to use and remember those who provide the goods we enjoy.  Help us to support the principles of fair trade and to practice in our daily lives.”




“We give thanks for all that grows in our gardens, for grass and flowers, fruit and vegetables, insects and animals.  May our gardens be a delight to the eye, an oasis for nature and a balm to the soul.  Draw us closer, in our gardens, to your heart for all creation.”



” Through the process of evolution, you have created a multiplicity of life on earth.  Make us mindful of the rich variety of life in all its fullness.  Bless all endangered species of flora and fauna, and help us to protect the biodiversity of the natural world.”


Organic farming

“We thank you for the gifts of the land, and pray your blessing on the farmers who make those gifts available to us.  We give thanks for those who respect the earth and who seek to maintain its natural balance.  We pray for an encouraging market for those who produce organic food.”


Waste reduction

“We give thanks for the material things of life.  May we use them wisely, and dispose of them thoughtfully.  In business and as individuals, help us to reduce what we waste, and to remember that, as the earth is our only home, nothing is altogether thrown away.”

Eco tips for April 2021

Tree-Free Home: some tips to help you create a tree-free home:

  • replace paper napkins with cloth napkins
  • Paper Towels- replace paper towels with a special set of cloth towels/napkins (or cut up old t-shirts for great towels) – store the used ones in a small container or drawer in your kitchen and just wash and reuse
  • if you print documents, print on once-used paper and/or bleach-free, recycled paper with the highest post-consumer waste content available
  • reuse envelopes, wrapping paper, the front of gift cards (as postcards) and other paper materials you receive wherever possible
  • create and use note pads from once-used paper

Climate Emergency

As the climate crisis accelerates, millions of lives are at risk. Christians around the world are taking urgent action. Step by step, the Climate Emergency Toolkit from Tearfund guides your church or Christian organisation through simple but powerful actions that have an impact far beyond your own walls or community. Click on the button to download the information

Recipes to reduce food waste

Broccoli and Potato Soup


  • Small Onion
  • Garlic
  • Broccoli stalks
  • Potatoes
  • Seasoning & herbs
  • Vegetable Stock Cube 


Roughly chop your onion and garlic. Heat up the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add in your onion and sauté for 5 minutes. Then, add in the garlic and cook for a further two minutes. Add the broccoli, potato, stock and cook until the vegetables are tender.
Using an immersion blender or similar, blend until the soup is a smooth consistency. Check that the seasoning is to your liking. If you like a more creamy soup, dollop on some Greek yoghurt just before serving or you could sprinkle on some grated cheese.

The soup will last for 3 days in the fridge and is suitable for freezing. 


Tiffin recipe

  • 1/2 lb broken or out of date biscuits
  • 4oz butter melted
  • 1 oz cocoa
  • 1 oz sugar
  • 1 tablespoon syrup
  • Block of chocolate

Crush biscuits with rolling pin, put in bowl, add sugar, cocoa, syrup, butter and mix together. Spread evenly in tin and top with melted choc and allow to cool.

Enjoy – Hazel

I bought satsumas recently that were too tart/sour to eat. And not wanting to throw them away I looked up google but the only suggestion was marmalade. So I peeled them and poached them with a little water and sugar. The result was just as delicious as tinned mandarins!