Co-ordinator: Mrs Maureen Cawdron

At St Luke’s we support the following main charities, and generally concentrate
on each one for a month at a time.

The link person for each charity can be contacted via the parish office.

A Rocha Kenya

A Rocha is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world. This is their response to the biblical mandate to care for the earth, and a demonstration of the Christian hope for God’s world. They do this through:
– practical involvement in nature conservation projects and ecological research;
– campaigning on biodiversity issues;
– engaging with churches, schools, communities and individuals.
There are 19 A Rocha projects worldwide ranging from Peru to Kenya to New Zealand, and one in the UK at Southall near Heathrow.
St Luke’s has particular links with A Rocha Kenya (ARK) which is led by Colin Jackson. We support a project set up by ARK in 2001 called the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme (ASSETS). The scheme uses money generated from eco-tourism to provide secondary school “eco-bursaries” for local children as secondary school education in Kenya has to be paid for. This encourages local families to look after the Arabuko-Sokoke forest better.

St Luke’s support this project with profits from the eco-stall, so please keep buying your jam, laundry liquid and other eco products! We have contributed towards the ASSETS camp in August – a wonderful time of learning and fun for local students.

Website: http://kenya.arocha.org/

Link person: Jan Matthews

Children’s Society

working among disadvantaged children, young people and families in the United Kingdom

website http://www.the-childrens-society.org.uk/

Link person: Jo-Ann Marshall & Hilary Roberts

Christian Aid

fighting for a world free of poverty and injustice

website: http://www.christianaid.org.uk/

Link person: Kirsten Sothmann

Bishop Alejandro Mesco – CMS Latin America

Allen Gardiner gave his life for South America, convinced of God’s calling, he endured hardships and setbacks with extraordinary courage in order to bring the Gospel to the largely unexplored territories of Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.  Allen’s tragic death led to the birth of SAMS (South American Mission Society) in 1867.

In 2009 SAMS amalgamated with CMS (Church Mission Society) and is now known as CMS/Latin- America.

We in St. Lukes will continue to support our Link partner Alejandro Mesco and his wife Doris as Alejandro ministers as Priest in charge of the Mission St. James the Apostle, just outside Arequipa in Peru.

web site http://www.cms-uk.org

Link person: Joyce Fell


Liz Molyneux is still very active in supporting the work of the children’s hospital in Blantyre, Malawi and our continued financial aid helps to provide essentials for the hospital. We are also assisting medical students to finish their courses by contributing to the cost of their tuition fees. The third dimension to our support is in helping one of their local churches, also called St Luke’s, to flourish and grow.

Link persons: Liz Molyneux       


Samaritan’s Purse UK

Samaritan’s Purse is an international development organisation, partnering
with local churches the world over, to bring hope, help and a sustained future to the victims of poverty, war, famine, disease & natural
disasters, while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is done in various ways

Operation Christmas Child is the world’s largest children’s project,
collecting & distributing shoe boxes of goodies & gifts to needy children in parts of Africa, Central Asia & Eastern
Europe, reminding them of God’s love.
Positive Impact – working with teams of volunteers & local churches
to raise awareness, improve education & offer compassionate care to victims of HIV & AIDS.
Turn on the Tap – provides education regarding health & hygiene by
providing clean water & sanitation to communities in need.

website http://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/

Link persons: Carol Roocroft and Vera de Villiers

Sefton Women’s and Children’s Aid (SWACA)

Sefton Women’s and Children’s Aid provides free and confidential support services for all women and children experiencing Domestic Violence.

web site http://www.swaca.com/

Link person: Pam Stubbs


Toybox is a Christian charity committed to helping children living and working on the streets and those at risk of becoming so, principally in Latin America. Toybox works with children and their families in Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and El Salvador and Nicaragua. Their work focuses on four areas: rescue, building a future, prevention, and campaigning for change. If you would like any further information you can visit the Toybox website or contact the parish office. Currently St Luke’s are helping with the raising of funds to enable street children to have birth certificates as this is not something they find easy to obtain.

website http://www.toyboxcharity.org.uk/

Link person: Janette Burridge

Listen to a podcast about Birth Registration

Download Toybox’s latest prayer diary

Liverpool Universities Christian Union

Link Person: Matt Thompson      

James & Mary Bunn

Link Person: Les Lewney