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StoryHouse Update - Jan 2022

StoryHouse Church continues to grow steadily in numbers and depth. We needed more volunteers to set up each week at St Michael’s school and thankfully people have stepped up to the challenge. The number of children attending with families has grown, and so we are starting to split them into two age groups when we can. We have also been able to keep live streaming each week.

The youth work role for L23 has now started and Ethan is developing connections in the community and discerning the best use of his time. He is currently using 8 of hours / week to do this and when the work starts in earnest will move to 16 hours.

Coffee Shop Update

Hannah Sonne has now left as the manager of Storyhouse coffee shop for the past 5 years. We thank Hannah for all her hard work, commitment and dedication to the staff and the customers. An advert is in place to recruit a new manager and a part time member of staff. We would value your prayers that we will be able to recruit the right people to these posts.

Consequently, while we are waiting to recruit, we are limited in the number of days we can open and are limiting ourselves to Wednesday to Saturday until the posts are filled. But the coffee shop continues to do well on the days we are open.

Discipleship and prayer is continuing with the staff every Tuesday morning. Dave and Lizzie lead this, and the staff have committed to it because we believe that prayer is essential and Jesus is at the centre of all we do. Our open prayer meeting is held on the first Sunday of every month at 7.30 pm. We meet in StoryHouse in person and online at the same time.

Activities and use of the upstairs of StoryHouse has recommenced gradually.  Storytime is still very popular every Wednesday mornings. Chinese brush painting runs every Tuesday morning, Art club runs after school on Wednesday and Friday and Jelly (the group for home workers) have come back to meet on Thursdays.

We were able to run a Christmas carols outreach event on Christmas Eve in the village and had a majority of non-church people attend. We also gave out numerous Christmas activity packs and books for adults over December from the coffee shop.

The process for StoryHouse to become a BMO and for Dave to be licenced to it is progressing well though we do not have an end date at the moment.

After a process of negotiation the lease has been renewed for another five years and once the new manager is in post there will be some repair work and refurbishments happening.

We thank God for all He is doing and providing and we thank you for your continued support and prayers.