Welcome to St. Luke’s Church, Great Crosby. The church is Grade II listed, but has undergone a major refurbishment in 2012. This access statement is aimed at helping you to know what to expect from our buildings and practices.
There is a church car park at the top located adjacent to the church hall, approx. 80 metres from the church building. The car park surface is gravel and tarmac. There is designated parking spaces for people with disabilities to the right of the hall, but cars can stop in a road loop (15m on the right up the church drive) at the front of the church building, for passengers to alight and their wheelchairs be unloaded. Cars can be left here during weekday church hires and for Sunday Services, although the road loop is used for wedding and funeral cars. A wheelchair for visitors is kept just inside the foyer entrance. If you would like to use this please ask a churchwarden or sidesperson who will assist.
Church entrance
The main West door is on level with the exterior plateaux accessed via three steps or a gentle slope to the left of the building. The entrance to the rear of church and the Crosby Room is accessed via a gentle slope.
External Lighting
For those attending evening Services and events, there are lights floodlighting the front and side of the church building as well as wall mounted lights near the West door. There is a movement-activated light over the rear door to the Crosby Room. There are street lights on the main church drive from Liverpool Road up to the church car park.
Inside the church
Seating consists of individual upholstered wooden chairs, allowing complete flexibility in all parts of the building. Sidespeople will remove chairs so that wheelchairs can be accommodated.
The church is fitted with an induction-loop system for the benefit of hearing-aid users. The public address system is used at all Services and events.
Large print Service booklets and hymnbooks are available at the 9am Sunday Service. Liturgy at the 11am and 6:30pm service is on large projection screens at the front of church, but publications can be sent by e-mail if a request is made in advance via the church office.
At various times during the service the leader will invite the congregation to stand; you are welcome to remain seated if this is more comfortable for you.
Communion is received on the level at the communion rail. There are communion kneelers at the rail but you can stand to receive the elements. It is our practice to bring the bread and wine to the seat of anyone who might find difficulty in walking to the chancel; please let a sidesperson know if you would find this helpful.
The Church Hall
The church hall is adjacent to the main car park and is accessed via two steps or a ramp. The rooms within the hall are all on the level. There is no public address system or a hearing aid loop.
There are two fully compliant toilets for the disabled in the church building which serve the church and Crosby Room. The church hall has a partially compliant toilet for the disabled.

Should you have any queries as to the access to any of the buildings on site or this statement please contact the church office 0151 931 3119 or office@stlukecrosby.org.uk