Crafty Ladies

Crafting for Jospice and making friends.
WHEN – 10am-12noon, the second and fourth Mondays of the month
WHERE – The Church Hall
Everyone is welcome. Come and enjoy the refreshments, laughter and friendly chat as well as the craft activities

Prior to the new roof fund of 2009-2010, Marg Davey had the vision to start a group of ladies indulging in making cards to sell in church to raise money towards the new roof. They commenced by recycling old Christmas card fronts onto new cards, these were sold in church in packs of 5 or so. 11 or 12 years later we continue with Crafty Ladies, making cards which are a bit more sophisticated using Iris Folding, Embroidery on card, Decoupage and other designs. Currently, we miss Marg enormously but have continued with the cause but supporting St Joseph’s Hospice to the tune of about £1000 a year. We now meet on a Friday morning in the hall and share a Thought for the Day and a short time of prayer before we start. Demonstrations are always welcome as we try new designs of cards that we sell in church. – Agnes Law