St Luke's Church


Being a committed follower of Jesus affects our whole life. Financial giving is not just a practical act, it is more significant than that. Giving is a spiritual discipline. Once a year at St Luke’s we have a Review of Giving Sunday at which we encourage all our members to review what they give week by week or month by month.

The church needs money in order to function. We spend about £4,000 each week! There are salaries; our parish share, which is our contribution to the work of the diocese; ever increasing day to day running costs; support for our mission partners and paying for our church reordering project. Our annual expenditure is possible only through the generous giving of the members of the church.

Although we no longer take a collection at our Sunday services many St Luke’s members give regularly by one of the methods outlined below. If you see yourself as part of St Luke’s, we encourage you to consider giving regularly to support the church in its ministry by one of these means:

Parish Giving Scheme

Donations can be made on a monthly basis by direct debit. The scheme makes provision for an optional annual inflationary increase on your gift as well as being able to Gift Aid it. This is the preferred method of giving to the mission and ministry of our church. More information is available from Caroline Ramsey, our treasurer:

Weekly Offering Envelopes

New sets of envelopes start in April each year and are made available for collection in church shortly beforehand. But spare sets are always available from the treasurer.