God’s Love Letter to You

I’ve been studying John 15. The vine. One chapter titled “The discipline of scripture” ended with this short poem by Barbara Parsons talking about the importance of reading the Bible regularly, not just hearing it read on Sunday during the service.

Some communications
Should be studied with utmost care:
A map;
Battle orders;
A love letter.

Neglect to read a map
And you will lose your way;

Ignore battle orders
And you will suffer defeat;

Leave a love letter unread,
And you may never know
How greatly you are loved.

The Bible is God’s communication to me.
Neglect it – I will lose my way
Ignore it – I will be defeated.

Worst of all,
I may never know
How greatly I am loved.

How sad would it be to miss a love letter which is addressed to you; to miss out on all that God has to say to you.


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