Jesus 100′ is a book for 100 days and we need lots of people to meet the challenge of 100 of us using this book to help shape our prayers as move through Advent, into the new year and up to Easter. It takes 100 of the gospel stories of Jesus and adds a short commentary and a prayer for each day.  Let’s read together and share the story of Jesus as we start our new church year!


Sunday Reading

Jesus 100 Study & readings for week following

Bible Study notes

04th Dec 22 2nd Sunday of Advent

Matthew 3: 1- 12
John the Baptist
J100 10

11 Dec 22 3rd Sunday of Advent

Matthew 12.2-11

18 Dec 22 4th Sunday of Advent

Matthew 1: 18- 25
Joseph & the Angel

24 Dec 22
Christmas Eve

Luke 2.1-7 (J100.1)

24 Dec 22
Christmas Eve

Midnight Service
John 1.1-14

25th Dec 2022 Christmas Day

Luke 2.1-7
Silent Night

Week 1
J100.1- 5


1st Jan 2023 Christmas 2

Matthew 2.1-12
Wise Men come

Week 2
J100.6- 10


8th Jan
1st Sunday of Epiphany

Matthew 3.13-4.11
Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation J100.11 & 12

Week 3
J100.11- 15