Lost in Wonder

I woke up this morning with this song going round in my head. I didn’t know all the words and had to look them up on the computer, (what did we do before Google?) and then listened on YouTube. You may like to do the same.

Lost in wonder.

You chose the cross with every breath
The perfect life, The perfect death
You chose the cross
A crown of thorns you wore for us
And crowned us with eternal life
You chose the cross
And though your soul was overwhelmed with pain
Obedient to death You overcame

I’m Lost in wonder
I’m lost in love
I’m lost in praise forevermore
Because of Jesus’ unfailing love
I am forgiven
I am restored

You loosed the chords of sinfulness
And broke the chains of my disgrace
You chose the cross
Up from the grave victorious
You rose again so glorious
You chose the cross
The sorrow that surrounded you was mine
“Yet not my will but yours be done” You cried

By Martyn Layzell

Have you ever been lost in wonder? Have you ever experienced one of those moments where you can’t take your eyes off something and all sense of everything around you has gone, you are completely mesmerised by what is in front of you?

I was one of those children who wanted to pick up every leaf on our walk or stop and gaze at every pebble and shell on the beach collecting as many as I could get away with to bring home. Star fish, jelly fish, crabs and worm casts on the beach all held wonder for me and my mother must have got tired of the constant “how” and “why” questions. As I grew older it was the sound of the sea on the pebbles, the hills and valleys of the Peak District where I lived and almost anything to do with nature; but I had no interest in birds. Maybe I didn’t look up, I don’t know.

Thirty one years ago I was walking on Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire. I was about to pass an elderly gentleman with his tweed jacket and cap, socks pulled over his trousers, walking boots and stick. I remember his clearly because of what that meeting led to for me. As I was about to pass him he said “Of course, you’ll have seen the short eared owl over the field.” Of course I hadn’t but as he pointed I was lost in wonder. There, right before my eyes was an amazing sight. A large brown bird flew past us silently, with no flapping of wings, head down concentrating on the ground below. It turned its head and looked at us but showed no concern as it continued its hunt for food. Suddenly it dropped to the ground and came up with a small rodent and flew away over the scrub. Wow! I was completely lost in wonder. That was the start of my bird watching passion. I often think about that gentleman. How many others did he share his passion with who are now as hooked as I am?

I still get that sense of wonder when I see something special or unexpected; every year when the ospreys return from Africa or when our house martins arrive back and start to repair their nest above our bedroom window or when I see a wonderful view over countryside or coast. My sense of wonder isn’t simply for what I’m seeing but for the creator; God who made heaven and earth.

God is constantly offering us wonderful glimpses of His presence with us. Yet, too often, we don’t notice because we’re preoccupied with what is happening in our lives that we don’t look beyond that to what God is showing us.

Maybe at the moment your focus has shrunk down to just trying to get through each day and you don’t have enough emotional space to look – look at what God has given us to enjoy; an abundant life that’s filled with wonder.

So how can you regain or develop a sense of wonder?

By looking at creation.
After creating the world, God declared that every part of it was good, and creation reflects the goodness of God’s own nature. Spending time in the natural world that God has created will make it possible for you to experience and understand God more. At the moment I’m not going out but there is still plenty to see in the garden or the neighbours’ gardens. The huge variety of plants, flowers and bird life gives me a sense of wonder. Sometimes I just have to stand back and gaze with awe, as I did with the owl all those years ago.

By remembering God’s promises to us.
God has promised to always be with us, and even though His presence is invisible, you can sense it spiritually. It’s easy to sense God’s presence when your life is going well and you’re doing something you enjoy, but what about now when times are uncertain? I try to remain positive and to look for the good in a situation. (You will notice I said try, it isn’t always successful.)
Ask yourself what has God promised he will do? Psalm 18:1 and 2 say “I love you Lord; you are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my saviour; my God is my rock in whom I find protection, my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.” God knows our circumstances and is with us in them. And don’t forget to pray.

I have a small bowl which Colin bought for me. Painted inside is a picture of a small sailing boat and the words “Never lose your sense of wonder.”

Take a walk round your garden today; look out of your window and thank God the creator of the world for all you can see.


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