Together Liverpool aims to equip Churches, Communities and Charities to bring hope, resources and support to their neighbours, so they can make a bigger difference in their communities.

The Diocese of Liverpool are supporting a new venture called the Network of Kindness (NoK). The objective is to encourage church families to become more involved in social justice ventures. Recently, the NoK team have been running ‘Learning Communities’ for the Sefton North Deanery (the group of church families in north Liverpool to which St Luke’s belongs). Last week, Debbie Burke, Gillian Beardwood and Caroline Ramsey joined about 20 others from the deanery church families to learn how to workout if a new venture is working. Several churches shared their actions or plans especially in helping with loneliness and social isolation. At St Luke’s we talked about the Warm Welcome project over the winter, whilst our friends down the road at St Frideswyde’s shared their concerns about modern slavery and county lines drug dealing, perhaps wondering how they could support parents of those involved. 
If you want to know more about the Network of Kindness and its parent organisation ‘Together Liverpool’ click on the logos above.