Small Groups

Forthcoming Sermon Series : we will be studying the 5 Marks of Mission (July/Aug 2024). The resources can be found here.

Our Small Groups meet on different evenings or afternoons, weekly or fortnightly in different venues in Crosby to suit everyone’s needs.  If you would like to join a Small Group please see Amanda Bruce, one of our group leaders or contact the office. (931 3119)


Our core values are fundamental to the health and growth of the church. They are the focus of what we seek in our Small Groups.

All Involved

God gives gifts to every person to be used in the service of others and for building up the church.

Becoming Disciples

We are always becoming and developing our full potential – we need to be open to God’s Word and Spirit – encouraging one another to grow into the likeness of Christ.

Creating Community

Jesus commands us to love – this must be worked out in practice on a day to day basis – Small Groups are the training ground for love.

Doing Evangelism

Jesus told us to GO and make disciples of all people. Our focus must be outward on mission not just inward on maintenance. Our concern is for others not just ourselves.

Encountering God

We are committed to providing opportunities for everyone to encounter God, especially through Sunday worship, Small Groups and Training Courses. We value prayer and recognize unless God builds the house we labour in vain