Who am I?

I am human.
I am a collection of chemical constituents, naturally occurring,
Organised into complex molecules,
Organised into bio-mechanisms that burn fuel, filter waste, produce chemicals, sense, reproduce,
Make bio-sense.
I am a complex bio-construct which uses many naturally occurring forms and constituents.
Is that all?

I am an individual.
I know myself.
I know myself through external input,
demands and expectations,
observations and requirements,
designated failures and rejections,
presence and absences.
My Public Label.
I am defined externally by the ideas of the world and those in my life, present and absent.
Is that all?

I am a person.
I am me.
I know my internal contemplations, my day-to-day
hopes and dreams,
fears and desires,
intimacies and aloneness,
wonders and sorrows.
Being me.
I know myself inside out and outside in, but why, am I?
Is that all?

I am yours.
You know all me.
You know what, who, I am,
of what I am made,
of what people say, give, deny,
of how I see me, my truth, love, care,
Your truth of the who and why
Of me.
How you know me, love me! How you make me yours!
I am for you. Enough.

Amanda Bruce

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