Another Direction, from Agnes

David and I have been enjoying a 2.9 mile walk most days as a form of exercise. We walk towards Little Crosby village and around the wood wall clockwise. Many of you will know the route. The reason we go clockwise is so that we can see the oncoming traffic and step out when safe to do so to do social distancing to others enjoying the route. Today I suggested we go anti clockwise for a change, but how safe will that be! The sun is shining as we approach a bend and I see the red brick house at the entrance to St Joseph’ Hospice, as my eye follows the tractor and the ploughed field the main building stands out. Time to pray for all involved in end of life care, struggling financially like many Charities. Frontline workers, are they protected in their role right now? I had been reading this morning a passage about Jesus receiving the sick, he never turned them away!

Walking on we spot a carpet of bluebells in the floor of the woods, always coming from the other direction we hadn’t noticed their beauty. The woodpecker is making his distinctive sound in the search for food.

Blundell Hall, Chet Centre and all that complex within, the horses peacefully grazing, and a donkey we had not seen before, confined in a small field, stood out as we come from another direction. Entering Little Crosby itself from the church side I began to read new names on the headstones, and I thought about new names that might come into our lives when this is all over. New names from our Community of Crosby who want to worship our unchanging God, the same yesterday, today and for ever.

So the views from another direction continued and our lives may never be the same as before this pandemic appeared, has it been a time to assess what’s important in life, what are our needs we can’t do without, what are our luxuries that we didn’t really need to dwell on? What will St Luke’s be like when we return, perhaps a new direction will appear for the way forward to reach the unchurched in Crosby.

Try a new direction yourself and notice the beauty of things that have always been there but stand out now!

Agnes Law, 7th April 2020

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