Prayer Spaces

                    “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Sitting outside in the back garden on a warm sunny day is a place where I like to read and pray, but this is not always possible (especially not in winter!) and during the summer the sound of a neighbour’s lawnmower is often distracting!  So I have created a prayer space indoors to help me with my focused prayer time.  We know that we can meet with God anywhere and everywhere but setting aside a particular time to be with Him and in a particular place is an important part of us growing in our relationship with Him.   My prayer space is an area at which I can sit comfortably with cup of tea and sometimes a snack, light a candle and spend some quality prayer time. I have developed my prayer space over time and various items (plants and flowers) have come and gone, but some essentials for me include a Bible, candles, and a book of daily devotions on the Psalms.

A prayer space may be a small area in a corner of a room, on a window sill or on a table top, or it can be a whole room, depending on how much space you have!  To help create a prayerful atmosphere your space could include a Bible, candle, prayer cards, wooden cross or holding cross, flowers, or plants.  Perhaps write the names of people you want to pray for and put them in the space too.  Make it an electronics free zone – no distracting IPad or mobile phones!  Make it a place where you can spend some quality focused prayer time.  In these days when we cannot gather together we can encourage others to pray and share prayer by arranging to pray together at a specific time when we are at our prayer space.  But it could also be that you just set aside a time for silence, be in your space and light a candle.  It can be an area which you can return to throughout the day to pray for family and friends, church members, your local community, and people across the world. 

Reflection from Gillian Beardwood

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